In Pursuit of Double Happiness

I'll get this out in the open... I have had my own dslr for over 2 years now and have taken two photography classes. I never really liked taking photographs because i think still think my pictures suck.

Nevermind, I'm posting my photos anyway whether I like it or not...anyway who the fuck calls a store double happiness?? I planned on not posting any negative comments about anything but I don't think I can type any longer without thinking shit every time I think of this "noun".

Double Happiness is a store found near some highway we've taken from Olongapo to NLEX (yup not very helpful, that's a very long stretch)...I don't know if its the correct english term.. but it's called a 'stopover' mostly for victory liner buses. We stopped over to burn some nonexistent cash over junk food and to stretch our legs because we've been sitting the car for 30 minutes.

Hence the title of this blogpost...double happiness...Maybe i'll get it if I smoke a joint or thats just it.